Northwest Ontario

Upland Bird Hunts
Semi-guided hunt on miles of groomed trails over 20,000 acres of private land (with/ without your own dogs). We have a diverse population of upland game birds including ruffed grouse, woodcock, sharptail grouse, and prairie chicken.

Upland Bird Hunting


Semi Guided Hunt


Hunting parties will stay at our lodge for the duration of there trip. Hunting parties will be responsible for transportation to and from hunting locations also their own meals. Owners will prepare one or two dinners for hunting party if they so desire. We recommend three to five days for a quality hunt.


Available from September 27 – October 18


Ruffed Grouse Hunt – $300 USD (per hunter per day) plus 13% HST


Guests are responsible for:
food, cooking, cleaning, transportation on lake for their length of stay. We do have rental boats available if required.

Note from Paul Fuller:


“Bird Dogs Afield was here in the fall of 2013 for a grouse hunt and film shooting. I have never seen so many grouse. Our 2nd day we had 49 ruffed grouse flushes and 6 sharptail flushes. In all about five hours of hunting. Our trip to Emo is one of our best broadcast television episodes this fall. Watch it below!”


Northwest Ontario Upland Bird Hunting – Gear List

Here is a list of equipment and clothing you may want to bring along for your bird hunt with Border County Outfitters. We can have a wide range of temperatures in the same week so we strongly suggest that you come here prepared.

  • Blaze Orange Hunting Clothing
  • Bug Spray
  • Head Net
  • Waterproof Boots
  • Light Gloves
  • Wind Proof
    and Water Proof Over Pants
  • Waterproof Over Jacket
  • Shotgun of your choice
  • Ammunition
  • Hunting Knife
  • Multi-Tool
  • Flashlight
  • Emergency Kit that includes First Aid and Fire Starter
  • Shooting Glasses
  • Compass
  • Two Way Radio
  • Cell Phone if you have access to one (we advise that you access a Canadian plan for your trip to Canada)
  • Toilet Kit
  • Prescriptions and Spare Eye Glasses
  • Hat and Face Mask

I have been hunting Border Country Outfitters for several years and have never been disappointed in any aspect of the hunt trip.  The owners treat me like family and I look forward to hunting there for years to come.

Chal Curtis

Border Country Bird Hunter, Harbor Springs, MI