A 12 foot shooting platform with an outdoor shooting range utilizing the glendel full rut buck targets.

Archery hunts run during the month of October. They are six day hunts for mature whitetails that are still on their summer feeding patterns. This allows the hunter to target these monsters while they are still on a predictable routine.

Encounters are at close range from ladder, tower, ground blind or clamp on tree stands. Your hunting day begins before dawn with a light breakfast and then you will be taken out to intercept your quarry as they head back to their bedding sites from their feeding activities. The morning wraps up with pick up and a mid day lunch. The afternoon will proceed by again taking stand in an ambush strategically located between the deer's bedding sites and their afternoon feeding locations.

Rifle Whitetail Hunting

This area is home to whitetail bucks that will often weigh in excess of 300 pounds. Success rates are good with opportunities every season for B & C class deer. With thousands of acres of wooded and swampy areas, the region is known for large bodied and large antlered deer. The hunts are conducted in permanent enclosed stands, tower stands, roofed ground blinds and portable stands on active scrape lines. Hunters are encouraged to grunt and rattle for big bucks.

Rifle hunting starts after the Saturday following the 26th of October each year.

Why Hunt the Rainy River District

Trophy whitetail deer! This is a unique trophy deer area that is situated between Lake of the Woods and Rainy Lake With mixed agriculture, timber, extensive food plots, and a season that coincides with pre-rut and rut, this area has everything that Western Canada has to offer. These whitetails can live to be trophy age (5-7 years old) and become huge bodied with large racks. The only way a buck can become a Booner is living to maturity in an area that provides great cover, lots of feed, and light hunting pressure. The Rainy River district has it all.

deer hunting gear list

Here is a list of equipment and clothing you may want to bring along to Border County Outfitters. If you are hunting deer, we can have a wide range of temperatures in the same week so we strongly suggest that you come here prepared.

• Heavy pac boots with spare liners
• Leather hunting boots
• Light and heavy long underwear
• Wind proof and water proof over pants
• Wool pants, under jacket
• Waterproof over jacket
• Weapon of choice and ammo or arrows
• Hunting knife
• Multi-tool
• Flashlight
• Emergency kit that includes first aid and fire starter
• Binoculars
• Toilet kit
• Prescriptions and spare eye glasses
• Warm hat and face mask
• Good camo
• Rattling antlers
• Grunt tube
• Scents
• Pee bottle
• Shooting sticks
• Range finder.

Safety Requirements - Hunter Orange

All licensed hunters, including archery hunters, hunting during the gun season for moose and deer are required to wear hunter orange. All black bear hunters are required to wear hunter orange except when in a tree stand. Archery hunters in archery-only areas are exempt from the hunter orange requirement.

Hunter orange (solid) vest and hat are required. A hunting coat or vest generally meets this requirement. Camouflage or open mesh hunter orange does not satisfy the requirements. Hunter orange standards are generally consistent across North America.

Soft gun and bow cases are strongly recommended.

To be able to hunt in Ontario a non resident must be 16 years of age.

Meat and Trophy Care

After you harvest your deer, moose, or bear your guide will field dress it. You are responsible for the processing costs.

NO handguns are allowed in Canada.

Licenses are available over the counter. Every hunter is required to show a vendor an Outdoors Card effective January 2010, or present an old hunting license from your home state.

Trip Packages

6-day rifle deer hunt Contact for current prices
6-day bear hunt  
6-day archery deer hunt  
3-day ruffed grouse hunt  
5-day ruffed grouse hunt  
7-day moose hunt archery only  
Fishing Outpost packages $65 U.S. per person per night. Discount available under 12 years.

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To request a brochure or book your hunting and fishing trip to Border Country Outfitters, you can call us at 807-482-2568 or email us at cecilogden1940@gmail.com